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Caring For Colorado - B.E.S.T. Grant

In June, 2018 SJBOCES was awarded a one year grant from Caring for Colorado to address an extreme need for more training and awareness of Adolescent Behavioral Health in our schools.  The B.E.S.T. Grant is for Building Expertise to Support Teachers. Through funding from Caring for Colorado, SJBOCES coordinates and offers a multi-tiered and layered system of training and supports to school staff focused on prevention, early identification and effective referral to adolescent behavioral health services. The one year period of the grant funding has ended but the ongoing support and professional growth from the training it provided is see in many of our member district schools. 
SJBOCES has certified trainers on staff who can provide free trainings for staff, parents and community members in:
In addition, member schools participated  in ongoing training and support to grow expertise in both Restorative Practices and the Trauma Informed Approach in schools. Please refer to the links provided to learn more about these approaches in schools.  
If you would like to know more about how the professional learning acquired through the B.E.S.T. grant is being used in our member district schools, please contact Royce Tranum, Behavioral Health Coordinator.