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Restorative Practices - RJ Council of Colorado

The San Juan BOCES has been awarded a one year grant for the 2019-2020 School Year to promote the implementation of Restorative Practices in area schools.  Building on the work done last year through another behavioral health initiative, BOCES will continue to work with Restorative Solutions to provide introductory and advanced training for area educators. 
Edutopia describes Restorative Justice in Schools as a way to promote a positive, orderly school environment. Students and all members of the school community can learn and practice self-discipline, empathy, and accountability. 

Restorative justice is an effective alternative to punitive responses to wrongdoing. Inspired by indigenous traditions, it brings together persons harmed with persons responsible for harm in a safe and respectful space, promoting dialogue, accountability, and a stronger sense of community. Restorative justice is a philosophical framework that can be applied in a variety of contexts -- the justice system, schools, families, communities, and others.
In addition to workin with Restorative Solutions, SJBOCES is partnering with La Plata Youth Services to provide more intensive implementation support in the Bayfield School District through focused professional development and on site coaching.  
To read an article in the Durango Herald about Restorative Practices in our regional schools, click here. 
If you have further questions or would like more information about the RJ Council Colorado Grant, contact Royce Tranum, Behavioral Health Coordinator.