Transition Assessment Notebook

Compiled Fall 2008 By Lauren Ellison, Transition Coordinator San Juan BOCES.
Transition Team: John Persing, Erin Taylor-Hansen, Sarah Sablosky, Njal Schold.

The purpose of this notebook is to give you guidance and direction about what assessment is expected for Transition IEP's. There also is a section of directions about pre-IEP steps, writing the IEP and examples of goals and transition plans.

Vocational Awareness
Adaptive Behavior
Transition Readiness
Assessments for Students with More Significant Disabilities
  • Interviews:
  • Transition Planning Inventory:
  • Assess Travel Skills:
  • High School Transition Readiness - Significant Disabilities:
  • Job Skills Development:
    • Reading Free Vocational Interest Inventory - Purchased by San Juan BOCES. (Contact Transition Coordinator if you need more copies).
  • Interest Inventory:
  • Work Experience Evaluation:
  • Independent Living Skills:
  • Functional Skills Assessment