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Organization / Program Information

Thank you for your interest in the Team Up Summer Emergency Student Support program! We are excited to have the opportunity to place up to 24 AmeriCorp members in summer programs from mid-May through mid-August. This is at no cost to the programs/organizations!
This was set up as an emergency response program through the Colorado Department of Education and Serve Colorado to help kids come back from significant learning loss and other stresses.
Members will serve approximately 30-35 hours per week. If you are an organization with a summer program that serves children and youth in Region 9, we encourage you to apply to have a member work with your team this summer to support students.
What can members do?
  • Members can serve students in programs that support learning, social/emotional growth and enrichment opportunities.
  • Members can serve families on engagement and training related to the impacts of COVID-19 on their children.
  • Members can help to design and implement programming which promotes a recovery of skills or supports that students may have lost due to the impact of the pandemic.
What members cannot do?
  • They cannot fill an existing position with your organization. For example, if you have 10 program staff in the summer program, you can add a member as an additional 11th staff so that you can serve either more students or offer more individualized services. The member cannot be one of the 10 staff you would normally hire.
  • They cannot work on projects that are not related to supporting students in relation to COVID recovery and relief.
What will your organization need to do if you have a member?
  • You will be required to have a contact person who is supervising the member in your program.
    The contact person must communicate regularly with the SJ BOCES Program Coordinator regarding the member duties and schedule.
  • You must agree to follow the AmeriCorp policies for member service. The SJ BOCES Coordinator will work with you to ensure you have all of the information!
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