San Juan BOCES Training with Elena Gallegos, Esq - IDEA, Behavior and Discipline

San Juan BOCES Training with Elena Gallegos, Esq - IDEA, Behavior and Discipline
10/20/2023, 8:00 AM 4:30 PM
Durango Public Library

Thank you for registering to attend the SJBOCES sponsored training event with Elena Gallegos, Esq. The focus of this training is IDEA, Behavior and Discipline. 

We look forward to seeing you there - lunch will be provided on site. 

The Toolbox Training is a comprehensive training regarding behavior and discipline of students with disabilities.  It is accompanied by a manual for each participant.  The “how to” portion of the manual is 78 pages written in Q/A format - each participant receives a copy of this manual.

In addition, there are 5 appendices which include the applicable Department of Education (DOE) Regulations, DOE Discipline Q&A, Let’s Practice worksheets, Forms, the Training PPT, and articles by the Law Dawg on the Toolbox. 

We review all these materials as part of the training.  There are also laminated cheat sheet cards containing: Toolbox Glossary, Quick Reference of the tools in the toolbox, Thinking Flow Chart, and summary of the two stay-put rules. 

 The tools are:

  1. Prevention and Intervention including FBAs and BIPs
  2. The Ten Day “FAPE Free Zone”
  3. Short-term removals after the “FAPE Free Zone”
  4. Disciplinary Change of Placement
  5. Special Circumstances Removal
  6. Educational Change of Placement with Parental Agreement
  7. Educational Change of Placement without Parental Agreement
  8. Expedited Hearing
  9. Leadership at the Non-Consensus IPE Team Meeting
  10. Law Enforcement Involvement


The training is a full day. We cover all the above topics (tools), including how each of the tools interact with one another.  At the end of the day, the audience breaks up into groups where they apply what they’ve learned using the Let’s Practice worksheets.  The groups then share with the larger group.  

Missing any part of the training is discouraged as it will greatly impact the learning. 

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