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Autism Resources for Teachers

Members:  Wendy Fenton, OTR;  Stacey Baxter, M.A., CCC-SLP

Mission: The role of the ALT is to offer requested support to school teams regarding two specific aspects of serving students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in accessing their educations and participating in the school environment:

  • Evaluation: Completion of high quality evaluations for the educational identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Programming:  Provision of evidence-based programming/interventions for students educationally identified with ASD. 
Approach:  The ALT utilizes the coaching model of support, which offers a specific approach to supporting teams in organizing their internal resources and communication as first steps before moving forward with more specific needs.  These specific needs may require steps such as team interviews, direct observations completed by the ALT, team training/PD, support with problem-solving, parent support/resources; or ongoing coaching and progress-checks.

Referral Process: The ALT relies on referrals from school team members.  Team members are required to complete an initial referral form (Please see ALT Referral Form tab on the right).  Once a referral has been received, the ALT will provide a response within one week containing recommended next steps. As stated above, referrals will be categorized into two branches: Evaluation Planning and Programming Support

Initiate a Referral:  If you are interested in initiating a referral to the ALT, please complete a copy of the form below and send it to the address indicated:

ALT Referral Form: ALT Referral Form

ALT Email Address: [email protected]

This resource is a great support to provide to families of children identified under the category of ASD.  It provides a description of how an educational identification is different from a medical diagnosis, how to access school teams and develop a partnership with them, and links to national, state, and local resources to help them get started.