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BrainSTEPS Team

San Juan BOCES BrainSTEPS Team - a multidisciplinary team of professionals trained in identification and intervention for students with suspected TBI; consultants to the school-based teams, families, and students we serve in our region.  

Laura Dimond-Speech/Language Pathologist,  Raleigh Marmorstein- School Psychologist, Janis Milliet- Physical Therapist, Lorrie Murdoch- Physical Therapist, Libby Guilfoyle-Occupational Therapist  


Brainsteps Team of Colorado Logo,  Illustration of Brain with gears on the inside

BrainSTEPS - is a consulting program assisting Colorado schools in supporting students with acquired brain injury.The BrainSTEPS Program was created to build a bridge connecting the medical, rehabilitation, education sectors and families following student (K-12) acquired brain injury (ABI). ABIs can cause cognitive, physical, socio-emotional, and behavioral impairments that impact classroom performance and learning. In 2007, the Pennsylvania Department of Health established the BrainSTEPS Program to address this issue. BrainSTEPS consulting teams support school teams in the development and implementation of educational plans following student ABI.   BrainSTEPS CO was created in 2016 and is implemented by the Department of Education with funding from MINDSOURCE Brain Injury Network within the Colorado Department of Human Services.