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Enrich Resources and Support

Welcome to Enrich!  We know this is a big transition and we are here to support you along the way!
Please take the time to look through the information on the page.  We hope that you will take advantage videos and information sheets, but we also hope to see you at the the ongoing office hours if you have questions or need more specific support.
We encourage you to learn hands-on by drafting a student plan before you start the year.  The 'Getting Started' info sheet should provide you with enough information to draft a plan.  
Do not hesitate to reach out and we wish you the very best start of this school year!
User Support:  
For support in navigating the platform and/or questions that you have with using Enrich for student plans, please email us with you request or questions:  [email protected] 
You can sign up for an appointment with Robyn Kellogg at a time convenient to you using her appointment calendar
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