San Juan BOCES has 2 Instructors certified through The Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) to provide training to member districts.
CPI Instructors - Royce Tranum, Behavioral Health Coordinator and Brandi Durr, School Psychologist

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training equips you with an effective framework to safely manage and prevent difficult behavior.

During the 2020-2021 School Year, the training format for CPI has changed in response to safety protocols. 

The Blended Learning Model 

All staff begin by registering for CPI training HERE

Once registered, each staff will be added to the Virtual Classroom at www.crisisprevention.com and given access to a series to online learning modules to complete. 

When registering, each staff chooses a "Virtual Debrief" session to attend.  This is the second step in the training process.  Once the online learning modules are complete, staff attend a "Virtual Debrief" facilitated by our instructors to practice the skills learned in the online modules.  

For many staff, this concludes their Nonviolent Crisis Intervention┬« training. The cost of this 2 part training is $40 per staff and certification is good for one year. 

Finally, for a small number of staff who routinely support our most challenged students who may need physical intervention for safety, an in-person learning session is scheduled to review and practice both Disengagement and Holding Skills.

For the small number of staff who support our most challenged students and require training in Disengagement and Holding skills, this third step is required for certification.  The cost of this 3 part training is $50 per staff and certification is good for one year 

Royce Tranum, [email protected]        Brandi Durr, [email protected]