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Technology Training

Keeping on top of developing technology for education can be a challenge, but it is well worth the effort.  With each year, technology increasingly makes providing accessibility to students with special needs even easier and more attainable in the classroom.  There are also many technology tools that can help teachers spend more time teaching and less time dealing with paper. 

If you or your school staff need training in Google for Education, Apple devices or other Assistive Technology, a list of previously offered courses is available below or new courses can be created to meet your individual needs upon request.  San Juan BOCES provides technology training to districts within our service area and can also provide outreach training to other districts and BOCES.

To request training, contact Robyn Kellogg, a Google Certified Trainer at: [email protected]

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Training in Google for Education Apps

Google Drive - 1 hour
Exploring different ways that Google Drive can be implemented to support teaching and learning.

Google Tools - 2 hours
Exploring the free educational resources available through Google including, Google Drive, Chrome, and Hangouts.

Gmail and Google Calendar - 1.5 hours
Learn how to use and organize yourself with Gmail and Google Calendar. Create labels, filter your email, create groups, create events, tasks and appointments.

Google Classroom - 1 hour
Create a classroom, learn how to add students, create and post assignments and give students feedback. Experience with using Google Drive is necessary for this class. 

Google Classroom add ons - 1 hour
For experienced Google Classroom and Google Drive users, learn how to use add-ons to incorporate rubric grading into Google Classroom.

Google Forms - 1 hour
Create data collection tools, quizzes, questionnaires, registration forms any kind of data gathering tool you need with Google Forms. Learn how to create a form and access the data it collects.

Add Ons for Google Forms - 1.5 hours
For experienced Google Forms users, learn how add-ons can be used to automate Google Forms to send emails, create documents and do your work for you!

Assistive Technology Training

 AT and the IEP - 30 min.
How to thoughtfully consider assistive technology for each student with an IEP, as required by IDEA, and document that consideration in the IEP. Includes discussion of AT advocacy, using an implementation plan and assistive technology evaluations.

AT and 504 plans - 30 min.
How 504 teams can access and explore equipment to evaluate the needs of students with 504 plans as well as document the results of these evaluations thoroughly and thoughtfully in 504 plans.

Windows accessibility features - 30 min.
Explore the free accessibility tools built in to Windows including text to speech, voice recognition, low vision support, physical support and fonts.

iPad Consideration - 1 hour
So you are thinking about getting an iPad? What are some things to think about before purchasing. What can you expect the device to do, and what might be some of the limitations. What size, memory and case should you consider?

iPads 101 - 1 hour
How to set up your new iPad for use with students including security considerations, iTunes account creation, app finding resources, organizing the iPad and basic accessibility options.

iPads 201 - 1 hour
Exploring iPad implementation strategies including, advanced accessibility options, specific app implementation, texting and FaceTime.

iPad to wePad - 1 hour
Strategies to expand the iPad beyond a self stimulating device to a social skill building, communication facilitation tool.

Bookshare - 1 hour
How to use the free resource, Bookshare to provide accessible text to students with reading challenges stemming from SLD, visual impairment or physical limitations.

Bookshare and Accessible Text Resources - 2 hours
Using the free resource Bookshare as well as other tools such as Tumble Books, One Click Digital, Chrome plugins, iPad apps and Google Docs to provide accessible text to students with reading challenges.

Writing with a Digital Pencil - 2 hours
An exploration of assistive technology tools that support written output including word prediction, voice recognition and text to speech using computers, software, apps and iPads.
Creating Visual supports without Specialized Software - 30 min. to 1 hour depending on computer skills.
How to use free Google image search and word processing software to create visual supports for students in need of picture communication and/or visual schedule and behavioral support.

Accessible Book Creation Lab - 3-4 hours
Work in teams to create accessible versions of common books. These accessible versions can then be accessed by students with sensory impairments and/or other physical and cognitive challenges.