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ALT Programming Resources

Welcome to the ALT Programming Resources page.  Please feel free to use the following resources as a guide for your team discussions and needs.  We are also here to provide support if you are in need of additional programming guidance.  For general questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]  If you or your team is in need of coaching support for programming, please complete the ALT Referral Form.
This document is a great place to start for providing ASD basics/resources to teachers and other team members:
This document provides guidance from CDE about how to conduct quality evaluations and programming for students with ASD.  Teams can use this information to help them prioritize needs and identify next steps:
Here are some great resources for families during distance learning:
This link will take you to the OCALI Website.  You can create a free account and access the Many Faces of Autism video series as a great place to provide quality training to team members.  
This resource is a great support to provide to families of children identified under the category of ASD.  It provides a description of how an educational identification is different from a medical diagnosis, how to access school teams and develop a partnership with them, and links to national, state, and local resources to help them get started.