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Behavior Coaching Specialist (BCS):

Member: Jodi Rhodus MS CCC-SLP, Behavioral Specialist and Speech Language Pathologist .
Mission: The role of the BCS is to offer requested support to school teams in providing effective behavior management utilizing evidence-based, ABA methodology to support the child in accessing their education and participation in the school environment:
  • Programming: We use evidence-based, ABA methodology, and ethical practice to collaboration with your educational team to thoroughly review Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans. After review, continued support may include: on-site observations, data collection, program recommendations and on-going support for the students and their teams.                    
  • Professional Development: Providing ongoing continuing education and workshops individualized to your needs. 
Vision Statement: By utilizing evidence-based and ABA methodologies with fidelity, we will support the behavioral management of children in their educational setting. A well-educated team will create a safe and consistent environment that support the child, family, and educational teams leading to healthy social emotional development and an increase of positive interactions in the school environment. 
Referral Process: The BCS relies on referrals from the ESS coordinator or team. Once the team has communicated their need to their School Psychologist/ Specialist; they will complete the initial referral form with the team and it will be reviewed by the ESS Coordinator/ Director in collaboration with the BCS. The referral form should be sent to [email protected]. Once a referral has been received, the BCS will provide a response within one week containing recommended next steps. As stated above, referrals will be categorized into two branches: Programming and Professional Development.
Approach: The BCS utilizes the coaching model of support, which offers a specific approach to supporting teams in organizing their interval resources and communication as first steps before moving forward with more specific needs. After review of the FBA and BIP, specific needs may require steps such as direct observations, program support, parent support/ resources; or ongoing coaching and progress-checks. 
Initiate a Referral: If you are interested in initiating a referral to the BCS team, please complete a copy of the form below and send it  to the address indicated:
BCS Email Address: [email protected]