Response to Intervention (RTI)

What is RTI?

Adapted from the Colorado Department of Education RTI website:

Response to Intervention is a multi-tiered, problem-solving approach that addresses academic and behavioral needs of ALL students. It is an integrated school improvement model that is standards-driven, proactive and incorporates both prevention and intervention. RTI is effective at ALL levels (Early childhood through High School).

Some basic underpinnings of a RTI model:
  • RTI relies on the premise that all students receive research-based instruction in general education.
  • The learning of all students is assessed early and often (ongoing progress monitoring). Assessment is focused on direct measurements of achievement and behavior.
  • If there are concerns about student progress, increasingly intense tiers of intervention are available. (Colorado System for Student Success three-tiered model supports this thinking.)
  • Individual student data gathered through the process may be used to determine appropriateness of a special education referral (e.g., in the case of students who do not respond adequately to intervention) and as part of a comprehensive evaluation for determination of eligibility.
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