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Appeals Process, Dispute Resolution

The appeals process begins when a student, parent or guardian is not satisfied with the decision of the review team when determining need for gifted education identification and/or services. This process involves the reconsideration of assessment processes, body of evidence data, or eligibility for gifted and talented services.

Each district has their own policy regarding disagreements. Should a district require resolution at the SJBOCES level, the process is as follows:

  • Before a formal appeal, an attempt should be made at the building level to resolve the disagreement. The student or family member shall request a conference with the building level Gifted and Talented Coordinator to review the student profile, along with an explanation of the screening process.  This conference should occur as soon as possible once the disagreement is noted.
  • If the conference with the building level Gifted and Talented Coordinator is not to the satisfaction of the student, parent, or guardian, then a written appeal is submitted to the building Principal. The written appeal must contain a statement of the complaint, any evidence in its support, the solution desired, the student or family member's signature and the date of submission.  The Principal must schedule and hold a meeting with the submitting party upon receipt of the appeal. 
  • If the outcome of the conference with the building level administrator is not to the student or parent's satisfaction, then the submitting party shall request a conference with the Gifted Education Coordinator at the San Juan Board of Cooperative Educational Services. The Coordinator will schedule and hold a conference with the disagreeing party within two weeks of receiving a request.  A final decision will be made within thirty days of the conclusion of the conference.  This decision will be in writing and is final.


NOTE: To increase communication, districts are encouraged to include a dispute resolution process on their district website and in their gifted program handbook or manual.