Vision, Mission, and Goals


The SJBOCES in partnership with the districts will build capacity to ensure the personal success of all students.


The SJBOCES builds collaborative and cooperative regional education reform initiatives, by maximizing and leveraging regional resources to provide a continuum of quality services for all students and families.


Goals for 2015-2016
  • Professional Development:
Design, develop and implement a comprehensive modular professional development system that supports professional growth to improve student learning outcomes.
            Ideas for specific strategies:
  • Identify learning priorities and needs
  • SAC defines tools and sets direction for system
  • Appointed PD committee will guide the process (add a teacher and SSP)
  • Post a calendar of all training opportunities in every district
  • Identify our resources and experts
  • Research resources
  • Collaborate with FLC and Adams
  • Boettcher – maximize the mentor training to support induction and peer coaching
  • Induction will be part of the system
  • Certified evaluator/peer evaluations

Continuum of Services:

Augment and expand opportunities for a quality continuum of services for students experiencing behavioral and emotional disabilities.

Ideas for specific strategies:
  • Develop partnerships on the East and West sides of the region  with mental health and social services and tribal education leaders through the 1451 committees.
  • Research strategies used in other rural regions
  • Look for grants for day treatment options